New SEO President
New SEO President
New SEO President

Dr. Mohammad Fetanat has been appointed as the new president of the Securities and Exchange Organization of Iran (SEO). Now, Dr. Fetanat is the spokesman and secretary of the SEO High Council as well, Securities and Exchange News Agency (SENA) reported. The new President of SEO took the oath before the Iranian Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, Dr. Ali Tayyebnia, who is the Chairman of the SEO High Council, and the other Council members.
Expressing his best wishes for the success of the SEO’s new President, Tayyebnia percieves the capital market long term outlook promising added: “with the new administration for the supervisory authority of the country’s capital market, and with execution of new programs supported by the government, especially the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, market indices will start upward trend”.
Pointing to the good performance of the former administration, Dr. Fetanat believes that the market outlook is positive adding that with new schemes and instruments in the country’s capital market, this market will move out from its current stagnation period”.


Source :  Securities & Exchange Organization News Agency    2015/1/4 09:47

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