IEU Opens
IEU Opens
IEU Opens

Dr. Ali Salehabadi, President of Securities & Exchange Organization of Iran (SEO) at the opening session of the Interexchange Electronic Union (IEU) expressed hope to benefit from this opportunity in order to develop joint partnership. Spokesperson of SEO pointed to the long history of trades between Member States of IEU, adding that there is possibility to enhance proper trade among Exchanges, which is one of the favorable grounds for facilitating trading commodities between countries via the capacity of Commodity Exchanges.

"Develop in trades and increasing in value and volume of transactions between countries, connection of IEU Member States to trans-regional markets, price discovery and establish a fair and transparent market, increase the quality of importing and exporting commodities, and standardization in goods, were main advantages of this cooperation", Salehabadi said.

Transparency of contracts, reduction of transaction costs and risks, possibility to be a pricing source, and establishing appropriate mechanisms for settling transactions between exchanges are other important advantages of IEU, highlighted by SEO President.

Source :  Securities & Exchange Organization News Agency    2014/12/15 09:30

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