SEO & OIETAI Jointly Ease FI
SEO & OIETAI Jointly Ease FI
SEO & OIETAI Jointly Ease FI

Securities and Exchange Organization of Iran (SEO) with Organization for Investment Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran (OIETAI) are easing regulations to facilitate the entry of foreign investors.

Dr. Ali Salehabadi, SEO President stressed on facilitating the process of entering foreign investors to the market; therefore the regulations are being upgraded and enhanced.

Pointed to the new Post-trade System (IRPT), he said this system establishes proper communication infrastructure with shareholders. "This system has designed less than three years ago" Salehabadi said adding that settlement of trades is the main issue in the international transactions, while the Central Securities Depository of Iran Company (CSDI) would be able do better settle trades, specially for international investors through IRPT.

Dr. Salehabadi officially unveiled Iran's new Post-trade System (IRPT) on October 25th in CSDI premise.

Source :  Securities & Exchange Organization News Agency    2014/12/15 09:25

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