Securities and Exchange Brokers Association
  • New SEO President  (2015/1/4)
    New SEO President The new president of SEO took the oath before the Iranian Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, Dr.Ali Tayyebnia who is the chairman of the SEO High Council, and the other Council members. View more
  • SEO & OIETAI Jointly Ease FI  (2014/12/15)
    SEO & OIETAI Jointly Ease FI Securities and Exchange Organization of Iran (SEO) with Organization for Investment Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran (OIETAI) are easing regulations to facilitate the entry of foreign investors. View more
  • IEU Opens  (2014/12/15)
    IEU Opens “Develop in trades and increasing in value and volume of transactions between countries, connection of IEU Member States to trans-regional markets, price discovery and establish a fair and transparent market, increase the quality of importing and exporting commodities, and standardization in goods, were main advantages of this cooperation”, Salehabadi said. View more
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